23: Comedy Cabin In The Woods


The Horrors of Adelaide Fringe, Nick trapped his best friends in a secluded cabin just to perform to them, and Rory was employed to be a g-g-g-g-ghost!

Nick Maro - Glenn Grimwood - Manfred Yon - Rory Machell - Jez Watts

R Kelly - R Kelly's Trapped in the Closet
RJD2 - The Horror 
Bon Jovi - Living On A Prayer 
Bobby Picket - Monster Mash

Extra Content
The End Of The Tour (David Foster Wallace documentary) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3416744/

22: Bombs Away & Peter Philes

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The Jest crew talk about our worst gigs ever, MySpace, Deep Space 9 and strange older men who came to our primary schools and played with us. 

Episode Guests
Glenn Grimwood - Rory Machell - Alissia Marsh - Jez Watts

Happy Ending: The Strokes
Death Is Not The End - Nick Cave
Picture On Your MySpace Page - Young MC
I Bombed Korea - Cake

21: Chess Master & The Pussy Fractals

Kyle Legacy joins us, Nick was a chess champion, Kyle's banged near a lot of dudes, plus the invention of The Pussy Fractals and how he took Edinburgh.

Episode Guests
Kyle Legacy - Nick Maro - Sonny Yang - Rory Machell - Jez Watts

Young MC - Bust A Move
My Dad Says That's For Pussies - Bloodhound Gang
What's New Pussycat - Tom Jones
Can You See Me - Jimi Hendrix


20: Ladyfag & The White Privilege Men

Nick Disappoints a huge crowd, he and Jez are The White Privilege Men, Alissia's getting loads of comedy puss and Rory is desperate for approval.

Episode Guests
Alissia Marsh - Nick Maro - Rory Machell - Glenn Grimwood - Jez Watts

Give It Up - Public Enemy
I Heart Fags - MC Frontalot

Get Lucky - Daft Punk
We Are Not Going To Make It - Daft Punk


19: Santa Left A Grimble In My Stocking

Glenn is a perfectionist, Santa joins the podcast, Nick is a sex monster, Jez tells everyone about how [REDACTED] made him cry & Santa bullies Nick. 

Episode Guests
Glenn Grimwood - Nick Maro - Rory Machell - Jez Watts

X Gon' Give It To Ya - DMX
Perfect Bird - Guitar Vader
Santa Baby - Miss Piggy
Fight Tonight - Ramones

Fringe World Tix
The Nasty Show
Jez Watts - Smug Face
Jez & Glenn - A Thing That Is Happening
Nick Maro

Fancy Boy
Fancy Boy in ABC iView



14: The Most Obvious Of Wife Beaters


Episode Description
James McCann returns! Sean Conway also joins us as we are stunned, amazed and horrified by what it means to be a lawyer when your name is Nick Maro. 

Episode Guests
James McCann - Sean Conway - Ben Mulvey - Nick Maro - Tor Snyder - Rory Machell - Jez Watts

Episode Music
How Could I Kill A Man - Cypress Hill
Beat It - Michael Jackson
Protect Ya Neck - Wu Tang Clan
The Laws Have Changed - The New Pornographers


5: Slow Death March Towards Poverty


This week we try to get Glenn a date, discuss being young thieves, talk about Comedians in Coffee Getting Cars and everyone is mean to Jez. Joining us are Glenn Grimwood, Ben Mulvey, Jez Watts, Sonny Yang & Rory Machell. 

Episode 5 Guests
Jez Watts - Facebook - Twitter - Website
Sonny Yang - Facebook - Twitter
Ben Mulvey - Twitter
Glenn Grimwood - Facebook
Rory Machell - Facebook - Twitter

Episode 5 Music
Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me - Youtube 
MC Frontalot - It is Pitch Dark - Youtube
Jane's Addiction - Been Caught Stealing - Youtube 
Cake - Long Line of Cars - Youtube 

Only The Human (producers of The Comedy Underground)

4: Sam Is High (Rory Still Has Worms)

Shroomfest is a worldwide mushroom holiday created by Ari Shaffir

Shroomfest 2016! We did a whole standup show where the comics were high on shrooms, then hung out after to chat. Obviously, during the recording, Sam is extremely high. We also talk about sex stories, shitting yourself, worst injuries and beating up Tor. Joining us this week are: Sam Cribb, Jez Watts, Tor Snyder, Rory Machell, Manfred Yon, Glenn Grimwood, Jon-Paul Fitzgerald, Joe Mooney & James Palm.

Episode 4 Guests
Jez Watts - Facebook - Twitter - Website
Sam Cribb - Facebook - Twitter
Tor Snyder - Facebook
Glenn Grimwood - Facebook
Rory Machell - Facebook - Twitter
Manfred Yon - Twitter